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Divide Shortcuts Extension

Benjamin Stockton
posted this on June 19, 2012 19:02

Divide Shortcuts Extension, allows users to select applications from the Personal side of their device, and add shortcuts to them onto the Divide side of their device.  These apps run from the Divide side without compromising the security of the Divide container.

In order to create a Divide Shortcuts, tap and hold anywhere on your Divide home screen.

From the pop-up menu seen below, please select the option 'Shortcuts'



Tap on option 'Personal Apps' 



You are then prompted to select the personal app shortcut you wish to create.  


Tap the personal app you wish, and this will be created on your Divide home screen.

You can repeat the process above to add as many other shortcuts as you wish, allowing you to run your favourite personal apps without having to leave the Divide interface.